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Games by Krinkels.net (9)

Madness Combat 1 by Krinkels.net
Sit back, relax, and watch the massacre!
Madness Combat 2 by Krinkels.net
Madness Redeemer: Now he's going after the sheriff. Will he be able to get rid of him too?
Madness Combat 3 by Krinkels.net
Madness Avenger: He's given another chance. This time will he succeed at killing the sheriff?
Madness Combat 4 by Krinkels.net
Madness Apotheosis: He's at it again. How many people will he slay this time?
Madness Combat 5 by Krinkels.net
Madness Depredation: Another great episode in the Madness Combat series! This one is action packed with blood!
Madness Combat 6 by Krinkels.net
Madness Antipathy: The clown is back, and they battle it out in this great addition to the series!
Madness Combat 7 by Krinkels.net
Madness Consternation: We finally get to know his real name, and wait, there's more violence!
Madness Combat 8 by Krinkels.net
Madness Inundation: This angel tries to put end to this madness. Will he succeed? Find out.
Marsh-Mellow-Madness by Krinkels.net
A short, ironic, funny movie.


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